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Having a great looking website is the first step, you then need to ensure you can maximise the number of people who visit. That’s where our SEO (Search Optimisation Services) massively helps. Through researching and utilising keywords and phrases relevant to your business, we’ll develop an effective SEO strategy that will position and rank your website high up within a Google search – All helping to drive more visitors, generate sales enquiries and gain more customers!

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Whether you’re a smaller, local business or a large national, it’s crucial your website has the right level of SEO to generate the right returns. Ask yourself these questions:


Do you know how many visitors you are getting to your site each month?


Do you know which page is being visited the most?


Do you know where your website visitors are coming from, i.e. the source?


How long are your visitors actually staying on your website?

It’s important to know the answers to these questions so you can ascertain how well your website is performing.  We can provide regular reports which clearly illustrate how well your site is performing and recommend where improvements can be made. Good quality SEO also relies on a variety of factors in order for it to be successful and deliver the right results…..

High quality content throughout your site. Plus, producing regular blogs and articles
Key words and phrases relevant to your audience
Mobile optimised, i.e is your website mobile friendly?
Speed of loading – Does your website and pages load quick enough?
Links – Are all of your internal website links working?
Social media marketing – Do you have an effective social media strategy?

These are just a selection of factors that need to be considered to ensure your site is properly optimised. Please do contact us to discuss further and see how we can get your website performing at its optimum level and delivering the right results!

SEO Northampton

Delivering optimum SEO in Northampton and serving businesses from surrounding counties – Elite Website Design can implement an effective SEO strategy that suits your business, encompasses the relevant keywords and phrases and keeps your business ranked high with the major search engines. Is your website performing and delivering the right results? If not, just get in touch.

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